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Return to dreamland is best kirby
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i'm testing something, you can delete this post :)
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I love that they still considering our old dear Wii for this game.

I like to dance like a little bitch uwu
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Fixing skyward sword

Are there any efforts out there to strip motion controls out of Skyward Sword?
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Share your favorite Wii games

Little King's Story is probably my most beloved Wii game.
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ITT: we laugh at the wii u

What went wrong?
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check this 5
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First Brawl Thread on wiichan

While it might not be the best Smash game, it was still very unique.
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I feel bad for anyone who didn’t snag the NeoGeo games off of the eShop before it went down. Playing The Last Blade 2 in 240p is breathtaking on my PVM.
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>no red steel 2 thread
possibly the best implementation of motion controls yet, felt like a game from the future
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Chicken Shoot

Chicken Shoot is obviously the best Wii game, and I'm surprised no one is talking about it.