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>no red steel 2 thread
possibly the best implementation of motion controls yet, felt like a game from the future


Sure? Maybe i downlad it soon


It really is kind of a shame–Red Steel 2 is what I wish the Wii would have been from the start. Like you said, it was really a glimpse into what motion controlled games could be like. Sadly, just when the console started to have a chance to really spread its wings, the Wii U came along. Hardly any games ever used the Wii Motion Plus, and Red Steel is the only one that comes to mind that really made full use of it.

It's almost kind of ironic that Red Steel 1 was a hyped-to-shit launch title and such an immense letdown due to its poor use of motion controls (something that would define so many games to come on the console), but Red Steel 2, with its fantastic implementation of motion controls, flew totally under the radar and sold terribly.

Sadly, despite how advanced motion controls are these days (with VR and all), practically every VR game is just a glorified tech demo.

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