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Wiichan is hosted on a Wii. Please be patient and gentle with this website :]

File: 1588036159839.gif (951.64 KB, 500x380, reiqt.gif)


Looks like Wiichan it's again available to the Internet.

I had problems with my ISP and the ports needed for the proper functioning of the site.

The problem it's never solved (FUCK YOU TELMEX) and now im with a new provider. I wish not facing any other problems from now.

Well, maybe i could solved all this faster if i hadn't fallen into crippling depression again ;_;
Thank you to all reddit users that messaged to my account. They encouraged me to revive the project.

I thought about mounting the site on a normal VPS but that would take away the whole essence of the project.

I will be making improvements and adding features to the site these days. Maybe I completely change the current script (vichan) to one that is more suited to the needs of the site. At the moment I don't see any real way to make the site run fast, but I will do my best.

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File: 1588138043303.jpg (9.38 KB, 115x102, 1569097093983.jpg)

1. Why did the site die months ago?
2. Holy fuck, the banners I made and the loli porn I posted still are here.

File: 1589182626056.jpg (167.92 KB, 680x434, IMG_20200510_162342.jpg)


The site is still bad ass!

Image unrelated

File: 1566702280249.jpg (68.76 KB, 887x665, wiia.jpg)


real photos of the wiichan's server running

sorry for bad resolution, im using a cheap xiaomi redmi go. Mi A2 was lost on a uber ;_;
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Haha awesome. I would've thought that keeping it held down would shut it down again.


>Mi A2 was lost on a uber
rip mi a2 ;_;7

this CURSOR?
is amazing


Está perrón.

File: 1565805156816.png (92.2 KB, 795x804, 0drm9q9kobf31.png)


How much memory does this thing have? In the screenshot you posted it says 317MB, but Wikipedia says the Wii has only 88 MB
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The OS can use only 73mb


>Wii cluster
this needs to be done!!!


Frankly amazing what consoles can do with so little resources.

File: 1565713589752.jpg (30.17 KB, 510x337, sshhh.jpg)


You should have a r/WiiHacks link in here somewhere!!
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Wow, very epic!


There is nothing wrong with Reddit and everything wrong with using slurs.


File: 1588188985822.jpg (402.34 KB, 730x780, 84f8bcd726dca50367209511ee….jpg)

>There is nothing wrong with Reddit

File: 1565704555094.png (3.97 KB, 342x182, canal-base.png)


Hello people, this is Wiichan: a imageboard about Nintendo Wii hosted on a Nintendo Wii.

We are starting and have so much to pollish and improve, but the site is actually working. For now (and maybe, forever) the most big problem is the very low resources of the Wii.

Use this thread for opinions, suggestions, feedback and that kind of things for improve the site.

Thank you so much, add wiichan to your bookmarks!
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add my banner pls


They are already added, thanks!


I gotta say, admin-san. This looks like a really fun little board. I'm not into Wii's but I sure love me some unusual hardware.

Great job for getting this thing up. I don't know how you accomplished this, but mind you that SD cards aren't exactly dependable storage and you might run into issues along the line with storage problems. Perhaps the thing has a USB port so you can install a operating system on an external hard drive and merely boot from the SD card.

File: 1566094686048.png (41.14 KB, 342x182, nobanners.png)


Sorry for the delay in doing this thread, hahaha

Expected size for the banners: 342x182

In this link you can find some valuable resources: https://wiichan.uwu.mx/resources/


File: 1567291688504.jpg (31.96 KB, 472x437, 221514518.jpg)

nice work

File: 1565952917754.jpeg (14.41 KB, 511x288, images - 2019-07-31T11590….jpeg)


How easy would it be for other people to connect their consoles to the network to improve the board's performance?


basically we would make our own CDN. I think we could distribute board files through an existing torrent network. Not sure how DNS would go though…


A reverse proxy

File: 1566123479738.png (27.33 KB, 285x299, pikachu-1.png)


how do you even host on a wii anyway. is it like you run linux on it?


setup homebrew on wii > install linux > setup server > open ports on modem > create the webiste and put in the server

in simple terms, that

File: 1565812072419.png (758.25 KB, 2220x2936, yande.re 22581 hiiragi_kag….png)


okay, you're site is pretty imperssive but look at this ^


wiichan is nothing in front of that anime girl, no doubt

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