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Anything about Wiichan. Help, bug reports, suggestions, etc
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Wiichan is hosted on a Wii. Please be patient and gentle with this website :]

File: 1565704555094.png (3.97 KB, 342x182, canal-base.png)


Hello people, this is Wiichan: a imageboard about Nintendo Wii hosted on a Nintendo Wii.

We are starting and have so much to pollish and improve, but the site is actually working. For now (and maybe, forever) the most big problem is the very low resources of the Wii.

Use this thread for opinions, suggestions, feedback and that kind of things for improve the site.

Thank you so much, add wiichan to your bookmarks!


My wife is angry that I was working non-stop for 5 days on this. Now I have to attend her and take care of my usual tasks. Probably we need moderators, I will be inviting people to join the team based on their posts.


Hey nice project, can you try Monument Browser and see why it fails to load this website?

Thanks and good luck


This is so cool. Great work


Is there anything I can help with ? I would love to be a part of this


Very nice!


So you shadowbanned my request? Just tell me you don't wanna waste your time doing that, you didn't have to censor me lol

I guess this will be my last visit here, I don't care much for heavily censored places


Have you looked into the validity of running this hunk of junk on a cluster of Wii's per chance?
Could be a funny experiment.


File: 1565740698717.png (98.88 KB, 342x182, 39d.png)

Here's my attempt at making a banner. I hope you like it.


Here's a to-do list:
>delete the CP in the random board
>fix the report function
>fix the catalog
>make the site load in HTTPS by default


File: 1565743452004.jpg (26.52 KB, 480x360, 1445268908427.jpg)

posting a dead meme on a wii




I suggest images to be stored somewhere else to save you some space.


I check it soon, but no promise anything

ty :)

We need banners hahaha and mods. Please made some other posts and maybe i contact you.

Bro i did not erased anything but 2 CP posts since the launch of the site. Maybe an error or something, what is your request?

I own 3 Wii, so maybe i use another for the database. Currently not neccesarry but i wanna try it in some point.

I upload it now.

I'm on all of that. HTTPS is giving me unexpected problemas, maybe a problem with the IP of the site not being supossed to be for a website or something related. But i'm working.

For now storage space it's not a problem and i can simple upgrade the SD card.


The novelty of hosting a website on a Wii is super cool. Aside from the obvious low amount of memory and processing power, is this thing just running off a massive SD card? Also, do you think you might make some optimizations like loading smaller thumbnails to help with the load or is the idea to just accept that it's going to be slow since it's hosted on a fucking Wii?


Wouldn't turning the site into a text board decreaae theload times a lot? I feel like the images and thumbnails are the biggest cause of the slow load times.


Add cloudflare so the wii doesnt send the same shite again and again.

Add tor for lulz


use nginx
better load handling


File: 1565790754256.png (47.82 KB, 342x182, wiichan.png)

is this where i submit banners?


Be sure to cull every mod who allows furshit.


I think images must be bottlenecked by the storage IO and requests by the CPU, so one thing shouldn't interfere much with the other. It would be interesting to see load stats for the site.


very cool css


> is the idea to just accept that it's going to be slow since it's hosted on a fucking Wii?

Yes but i'm working on improve speed. Not priority for now.

yes, and i love textboards but a site about Wii without images would be too boring, no?



add my banner pls


They are already added, thanks!


I gotta say, admin-san. This looks like a really fun little board. I'm not into Wii's but I sure love me some unusual hardware.

Great job for getting this thing up. I don't know how you accomplished this, but mind you that SD cards aren't exactly dependable storage and you might run into issues along the line with storage problems. Perhaps the thing has a USB port so you can install a operating system on an external hard drive and merely boot from the SD card.

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