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Wiichan is hosted on a Wii. Please be patient and gentle with this website :]

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Looks like Wiichan it's again available to the Internet.

I had problems with my ISP and the ports needed for the proper functioning of the site.

The problem it's never solved (FUCK YOU TELMEX) and now im with a new provider. I wish not facing any other problems from now.

Well, maybe i could solved all this faster if i hadn't fallen into crippling depression again ;_;
Thank you to all reddit users that messaged to my account. They encouraged me to revive the project.

I thought about mounting the site on a normal VPS but that would take away the whole essence of the project.

I will be making improvements and adding features to the site these days. Maybe I completely change the current script (vichan) to one that is more suited to the needs of the site. At the moment I don't see any real way to make the site run fast, but I will do my best.

Any questions, mod requests, suggestions, etc, may have resolved in this board.


((Unrelated Ayanami Rei gif. I just wanted to share it with you because it makes me happy))


Test B


Test A








Okay, my actual Internet service looks a bit slow. This not complement too well with the modest specs of the Wii Server.

I'm now configured an alternative way to navigate the site: https://no.wiichan.uwu.mx

no.wiichan.uwu.mx are hosted in a normal VPS. Now you have this option if normal Wiichan is too slow or inaccesible for you.

Both sites sync their files every 15 minutes. The replica site has not their own database, so posting and deleting posts are always managed by the main Wii Server.

Everyone can be happy now


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1. Why did the site die months ago?
2. Holy fuck, the banners I made and the loli porn I posted still are here.

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